I started training over 21 years ago with a desire to assist those who were seeking a way to obtain personal physiological improvement through a customized training program and wanting to see results without all the "guess work" involved. My overall goal as the proud owner of Rebel Fitness, is that you will have the best experience you can at a facility training alongside our friendly members. As a trainer, i will actually teach you about the mechanics of your body through my training and instruction so that you will know what to do on your own (when that time comes). Ultimately to be transformed physically and mentally for a better quality of life. 

Interested in training as an independent trainer at Rebel Fitness ?

​​ALAN MICHAEL - Owner / Trainer


At Rebel Fitness, we provide a convenient, personalized fitness experience, where you can work towards your goals, at your pace. Rebel Fitness offers Las Vegas' top fitness professionals, to make it easy and fun for you to stay motivated. Here at Rebel Fitness we are determined to help you reach your goals by increasing muscle strength and endurance, improving range of motion, increasing cardiovascularity, and using functional movement exercises, while offering complete nutritional guidance if needed!